About Baku

About Baku

Azerbaijan is situated on the border of Georgia and Russia and is a part of East European countries. It was formerly a part of USSR and subsequently split in 1995. The beautiful walled ancient city of Baku is bounded by Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains. The university is situated in the capital and the fastest growing cities of Baku. Many students comment on how safe thy feel while walking around the city – even after dark. The city has something to offer everyone, no matter what their interests or passions, from history to art and sports and beyond.


BAKU is the capital of Azerbaijan, The climate is moderately continental.


Temperature ranges from C30+ to C10-. Winter is from the middle of November until the middle of March.


Baku has an International airport few KM from AMU. It is just over two hour flight to Istanbul or Moscow from Baku. All over students arrive through GYD airport. From Baku airport it is a 20min trip to AMU campuses by car.


There are many lively venues around Baku where you can meet with friends to relax. If you prefer more active entertainment then you will find no shortage of new and exciting places to explore in and around the city itself.